Aminon C-02 SA

Aminon C-O2 SA Ex Kao
Coconut oil fatty acid monoethanolamide
Packaging : 200kgDrum
Applications Foam booster, stabilizer, thickener and cleansing booster for shampoo, body / facial wash and detergent
Properties It has inhibiting power and prevents foaming from decreasing by oily soil when used together with anionic and amphoteric surfactant. It also has re-fatting skin effect.

Aminon C-02 SA is low toxic, the acute oral toxicity of Aminon C-02 SA to rats, for example is more 10,000 mg/Kg for LD50, which is almost the same as toiletry soaps. The biodegradability of Aminon C-02 SA is so great that nearly 100% of the product is biodegraded according to JIS K-3363 method of evaluation.
General Properties:
Chemical description : Appearance : Color (APHA) : pH (1% in 10% ethanol sol.) : Total Amine Value : Biodegradability (%) :
Characteristics and Benefits:
Coconut fatty acid diethanol amide Transparent light yellow liquid. 300 Max.
9.9 ~ 10.7
20.0 ~ 40.0 98.7
The following description are the characteristics and benefits which may be given by making use of Aminon C-02 SA in shampoo formulation:
1. Strong in: foam boosting; stabilization and thickening ability
2. High cleansing ability and mild action skin.
3. Efficiency is not effected by hardness of water Packing: 200 Kgs net in drum.